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Competitive Strategy and Analysis

The Legal Insider offers specialized services for competitive analysis in a wide range of subject domains. A competitive analysis covers several aspects with respect to competitors in your field of business. In other words, it refers to a systematic process which includes the collection and analysis of information based on strengths, weaknesses and future intentions of competitors.

Understanding how your competitors manage their intellectual assets can help determine their future strategies, which in turn will help you assess your own organizational position vis-vis other competitors in the industry. Competitive analysis reports are also generated in combination with specific patent searches and landscape analysis, depending on the requirements of the client.

Analyzing the strength of your portfolio in comparison to portfolios of competitors
Evaluating the strength, weakness, opportunities and threat (SWOT analysis) of a competitor’s technology or product helps the client to strategize their portfolio/ priority/ business. The competitor may have expertise in particular technology and has a robust R&D team and manufacturing facility and IP protection such as patent & trademark to practice the particular product or technology. Therefore, the client may relook into their portfolio and business strategy to introduce or work on alternate products or technology compared to the competitor’s product in order to find out any alternative viable options. In some cases, their portfolio comparison helps the client to acquire the competitor’s product or technology and in some cases the competitor may sell the product or technologies which are generating low or negligible revenues to the client.

Our team assesses the apt strategy to give the client the most comprehensive report based on their needs.We have a systematized process where specific requirements of the client are taken into consideration and the competitor analysis is conducted based on it.

Patent Search Services

The Legal Insider is dedicated to serve its clients in the best possible manner. Our customized report includes:

  •   A complete history of search process and strategy behind the whole process
  •  A short-list of references manually categorized and ranked for relevancy
  •  Tables highlighting relevant citations from your references
  •  Analytical charts and graphs to help you communicate with stakeholders
  •   Intuitive indicators of which inventive key features are disclosed, partially disclosed or undisclosed

We provide Patentability Search which includes the goal to determine whether or not an invention has a probability of being patented, based on the universal criteria of novelty and non-obviousness. It includes searching both patent (active, expired, and granted) and non-patent literature for references that are relevant and connected to the current invention as prior art.

Patentability searches are conducted by our experienced search professionals on online patent search tools viz. Orbit, Derwent innovation, NCBI, etc. using specific keywords, classifications, citations of the prior art, and all.

Our search will include:

  •  Patent and non-patent literature sources in the United States, Europe, Asia, and other member-countries of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT)

  •  All of our CN, KR, JP and other foreign authorities include an English machine-translated document

  • Additional sources are available upon request 

Invalidation: The Legal Insider assists at the time of licensing or monetizing the patent. The Patent Invalidity Search enables the patentee in seeking the best possible agreement or monetary advantage. After conducting a comprehensive prior art search in relevant technology, the patentee will be able to examine a specific prior art carried by the potential licensor or defendant.

In usual cases, the applicant performs a patent validity search to reaffirm the validity of the patent in order to be secured to a great extent from future litigation. However, in case a third party performs the search, it is usually for refraining itself from patent litigation. As a searcher, we indeed endeavor to dig deep into the domain with the objective of finding a critical prior art that would potentially have been overlooked by the patent examiner.

This allows the client to challenge another’s patent, and/or at the same time, be prepared to defend against potential and actual patent infringement allegations by a competitor (“validity”).

The Legal Insider is well-equipped to carry out the validity/invalidity search and provide customized patent validation search reports. We also provide interim updates from time to time to keep the clients updated about the search progress.

Freedom-to-operate: The Legal Insider aims to conduct a thorough search to identify patents with claims that could prevent you from manufacturing or selling a certain product or practicing a process in a specific jurisdiction. These searches are detailed enough to guide you in making

sound business decisions. The report can be editable or non-editable as well based on your client’s preference.

An FTO assessment involves the following steps:

  1. Identify product features for analysis.

  2. Conduct a patent search based on the product features.

  3. Review patent claims against the product features to make an assessment and

    communicate to stakeholders.

A set of essential product features, images, and/or granted claims of an important patent issued to the company may be the starting point for the FTO search. The search report includes a list of the most relevant patents including a mapping of the product features to their granted or pending claims.

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