Journal of Cybercrimes, IPR & Technology Laws



Cyber Laws For Data Protection And Privacy Concerns By Ritwik Ghosh

Data Protection And Privacy Under Cyber Law By Priyanshi Verma

Intellectual Property Rights Law & Its Enforcement In India By Himanshu Mishra And Preeti Sharma

Public Health And Patents By Vanshika Mehra

Analyzing Cybersecurity Whistleblowing Laws In India In Light Of COVID19 Pandemic By Anish Shahapurkar, Yoshita Gwalani, Janhavi Sawant

IPR In The Business Of Sports By A.Anchirppa

Passing Off- The Tort By Surabi Puhazhendi, Sunethra Reddy

Data Localization: Privacy Concerns And The Indian Data Policy Scenario By Vibhu Krishnatm Choubey

Border Security Of Intellectual Property Rights A Remonstrance For International Trade – Indian Perspective By Shantanu Sharma

Cyber Security And Data Protection Laws: Protecting The Virtual Borders By Prajakta Bharsakade

Humanoid And Patenting Technology By Simran Kaplish And Pratibha Dixit

Patent Pooling As A Solution To Covid 19 –The Way Forward By Dr. R. Haritha Devi And Mrs R. Aarthirathna

Artistic Vandalism: A Copyright Story By Vidya Mukherjee

A  Legal Analysis for Prevention of E-Banking Frauds in India By Purbaja Sarmah

Impact On The Cyber World Due To The Occurrence Of Covid-19 In India- A Critical Analysis By Moon Moon Malik

Future Of Cyber Security And Data Privacy In India By Aditi Sharma And Sudhanshu Upadhyay

Laws And Concerns In Relation To Cyber Law By Soundarya G., Sipivisht S., And Ravi Varma M.

Digital Revolution and Antitrust Issues- Aspects of Evolving Market By Tanya Kanchan Soni

Odour Marks and their Viability By Radhika Niphadkar

Analysis of India Law Governing Cyber Defamation in the Backdrop of SMC Pneumatics PVT LTD. Vs Jogesh Kawtar By Divyansh Singh

World of Cyberspace and Aspects of Indian Cyber Security and Cyber Crime By Anushtha Anupriya